Memory Foam Solutions Mattress Topper Review

Memory Foam Solutions Mattress Topper Review

According to official statistics, 50 to 70 million US adults cope with a sleeping disorder. What is more, insomnia is the most commonly met, being reported by 30 percent adults.

Evidently, our sleeping routines have a direct impact on our health conditions. Therefore, we should do what we can to enhance them. In fact, getting a high-quality mattress and mattress topper could do the trick.

4 Pound Density Visco Elastic Memory Foam Mattress Pad Bed Topper.

Today, we will talk about one of the best products – namely the Memory Foam Solutions Mattress Topper. We’ve tested this item before reviewing it, and we’re about to share our experience with it, its features, and pros and cons!

About The Product

Before making a purchase, it makes sense that you want to know what to expect of it.

Notable Features 

  • The 3-inch thickness and 4 pounds density offer a decent amount of support.
  • The memory foam aims at diminishing the pressure joints that determine you to toss and turn all night.
  • ​Environmentally-friendly manufacturing process. You won’t have to worry about the presence of harmful chemicals and compounds.
  • ​Ideal for back pain and pressure joints.
  • It takes the form of the body, which translates into a boost of comfort.
  • Ideal softness level​
  • It easily fits the entire bed – numerous sizes to choose from.
  • It is lightweight, making it easy to transport. It’s a decent option for college students.​


Numerous mattress topper manufacturers utilize memory foam in the production of their items. And that comes as no surprise. This material has the outstanding capability of maximizing the comfort of whichever mattress.

In fact, we tested this feature by placing this topper on a really old mattress.

The result?

I couldn’t feel that, underneath the topper, there was a really, really old mattress.

This way, such an item may significantly improve your sleeping. The 3-inch thickness and the 4 pounds density make this topper a good alternative if you’re looking for balanced firmness and support.

Memory Foam Mattress Pad Bed Topper

In fact, we tested this on an old, sagging mattress. And we found it to be extremely helpful for the matter. Furthermore, it is effective for offering pain relief, if that’s a concern for you.

The manufacturer guarantees that you’ll experience less tossing and turning after installing the mattress topper. It is said to accomplish that as it conforms to the body temperature.

According to our experience with the item, we can say that the manufacturer’s claims are accurate. We did find relief in this area.

However, we did find it bothersome that the mattress topper features minimal breathability. Still, that is expected since we’re dealing with memory foam – an utterly un-breathable material.

What Others Say

As you already know, we like to talk about other consumers’ opinion when we review a product. So, we carefully analyzed the feedback we could find. We’ll outline the main ideas.

Durability seems to be a problem voiced by most users. We agree on this – the 3-inch thickness is a reliable indicator that this isn’t the most durable mattress topper you may get.

Another aspect mentioned by many users is the presence of a disturbing odor. We noticed that too. However, it did disappear in two or three days. Still, in other people’s case, the odor was disturbingly strong.

Concurrently, others complained that the company’s customer service was terrible. They indicated that they didn’t find the support they needed and that the website contained a range of broken links.

Memory Foam Solutions

Still, on the whole, most customers had nothing but good things to say about this memory foam mattress topper. They affirmed that the mattress was comfy, supportive and helpful.

What We Like

We really appreciate that this product abides by the PURGreen certification standards.

In plain English, this item is eco-friendly and environmentally sustainable, meaning that no phthalates, formaldehyde, polybrominated biphenyl, chlorofluorocarbons or other detrimental compounds are used in the manufacturing process.

Secondly, the item is fairly affordable, considering the features it offers. It also does a decent job at reducing pressure points, which is something most of us struggle with.

We also found that the topper offers adequate back support, which is another noteworthy advantage.

What We Don’t Like

Each product has its potential faults. This particular item has some too. One of them could be that the manufacturer didn’t include any guidelines regarding care and maintenance.

Furthermore, the memory foam is utterly non-breathable. In other words, it will retain the body’s heat, which could make you feel uncomfortable.

That becomes a problem especially if you are a cool sleeper.

Additionally, this isn’t the most durable mattress topper out there. The 3-inch thickness means that the item is due to wear out quicker than other items with a higher thickness index.

Buying Information

If you get the Memory Foam Solutions Mattress Topper, you’ll enjoy a 3-year limited warranty. This is pretty good, since not all manufacturers offer such an extensive warranty.

Depending on the size you choose, the price of the item will vary. For instance, the queen size is under $200, whereas the California king is under $300.

If you order this from Amazon, like we did, you’ll get free shipping. You could also have this at your door in two days with Amazon Prime.

Final Thoughts

To sum up, the Memory Foam Solutions Mattress Topper is an item that offers good value for the price. Still, in order to enjoy it fully, you should maintain it properly. Ideally, you should get a cover to safeguard it from stains.

Mattress topper advantages

In our opinion, it has a lot of potential, and it could really enhance the quality of your sleep. Nevertheless, with regular use, it will wear it in one year or two.

Even so, the price tag is affordable, meaning that you’ll get your investment’s worth. If there’s anything you’d like to ask us, make sure you do that in the comment section below! We’re always eager to address your questions.

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