How To Choose The Best Mattress Topper

How To Choose The Best Mattress Topper

Getting a restful sleep is a necessity if you want to lead a healthy lifestyle. On that note, having a top-quality mattress topper is the safest and easiest way to customize your current mattress, and upgrade your comfort level.

Not only that the best mattress topper has the role of improving the quality of your sleep, but it may also prolong the lifespan of your mattress. However, selecting an item from the sea of products can be overwhelming.

Lucid Memory Foam Mattress Topper Review

Especially since each product comes with the guarantee that it will grant you a heavenly sleep. Those are promises you cannot test. That’s why we did the testing for you; we looked at top products and reviewed them for you!

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The Importance Of Choosing Your Mattress Topper Carefully

Simply selecting the first mattress topper that comes your way isn’t an option. That’s primarily because each of us has distinct needs. That’s why there are plenty of products to choose from.

For example, mattress toppers are manufactured with distinct materials. Each of them has a set of pros and cons. We already covered this aspect in another article – so make sure you check it out, as well.

Still, since the main reason why you’re buying a topper is to get better sleep, you should ensure that the item you get does that.

Such an item has the potential of diminishing the pressure in the back, shoulders, head, and hips and maximize your comfort.

What is more, if you already struggle with a type of pain or discomfort, getting the best mattress topper could make the world of a difference.

Things To Consider

You should know that the market overflows with mattress toppers of all kinds. While your decision should be primarily influenced by your personal comfort preferences, you must still take a range of aspects into account.

These are the main points:


Before you select your preferred mattress topper, you should measure the size of your mattress. Obviously, you may choose from single, queen, king mattress toppers.

Comfort And Softness Level

Each person’s definition of comfort is different. What I perceive as being comfortable, you may convey as being uncomfortable, and the other way around.

Lucid Foam

That’s why there is an ongoing debate regarding the perfect softness level, which has to offer optimal comfort. All we’ll say is this: it’s entirely up to you.

For example, if softness is on your agenda, you might consider a low-density memory foam topper.

Level Of Support

As you might assume, different materials offer different levels of support. In this respect, feather and cotton supply the minimal amount of support, while latex and memory foam rank the highest in this department.


As a general rule, the mattress toppers’ thickness varies from 2 to 8 inches. Let’s say that you want to restore your aging mattress. In this case, a thicker topper could be a good option. Plus, if you weigh a bit more than the average, a thick topper will retain its initial shape for an extended timeframe.

Thickness of mattress toppers


Evidently, the thickness of the topper has a lot to do with the support provided. Typically, latex and memory foam products present distinct thickness levels. That allows you to choose accordingly.

Body Heat

Some people are bothered by overheated environments. So, you should take into account the fact that some mattress toppers have the tendency to overheat. That’s because they absorb part of the body’s heat.

It all comes down to this: the thicker the mattress topper, the hotter it will feel. This is inevitable; although many manufacturers have introduced state-of-the-art features such as ventilation tubes and gel cooling.

That being said, latex and memory foam are more likely to overheat. On the other side, wool and feather toppers don’t retain the body’s heat. In plain English, during the summer, they reduce the heat, whereas, in the winter, they provide extra warmth.

Bear in mind that the outside material could also play a part in the equation.

Special Needs

Many individuals are on the lookout for the best mattress topper because they have a health condition.

Depending on your condition, you should look for a certain level of firmness or softness. If you require additional support for your back or limbs, latex and memory foam would be your best picks.

mattress topper for special needs

That’s because they aim at supporting the body’s posture. Additionally, they retain their original shape for an extended timeframe.

Still, it would be best if you talked about this problem with your chiropractor or doctor. Getting a professional’s opinion is a good starting point.

Movement Transmission

If your partner tends to move around a lot during his/her sleep, this could be bothersome. The good thing is that some mattress toppers address this issue as well. This can be surprisingly helpful for light sleepers.

On that note, latex and memory foam do a good job at diminishing the noise, whenever your partner moves.


If you have an allergy, you should definitely consider this aspect in your search to finding the best mattress topper.

Some materials are more prone to develop allergies, such as feathers for instance. On the other hand, other materials are more resistant to mites, bed bugs, mold, and mildew.


At the same time, you should keep in mind that latex is thought to be anti-allergenic. Hence, perhaps it could be the best choice for you if you struggle with allergies.

Ease Of Cleaning

Whenever you make an acquisition, you should think about how you can maintain it in excellent condition. That being said, some mattress toppers are considerably easier to maintain and clean than others.

Make sure you get acquainted with this aspect before making a purchase. If anything, you could always use a mattress topper cover to prolong the lifespan of the item.

To continue, we will now introduce you to top five items that could pass off as the best mattress topper. We know that choosing a product isn’t an easy task.

So, the reviews below contain our individual experience with the products and should be of help for you.

Best Memory Foam Mattress Topper

Here's our recommendation for the best mattress topper:

Winner: Memory Foam Solutions Memory Foam Mattress Topper

To start with, this product qualifies as the best queen mattress topper. You’ll see why. This item received excellent marks for offering comfort and pain relief.

From the moment you’ll have this installed on your mattress, you’ll feel a great difference in comfort. Not to mention that you’ll experience the feeling of waking up well-rested.

For example, if your current mattress lacks the necessary support in some areas, this topper will make up for that.

When we opened the package, we noticed that the topper came protected. It was compressed and vacuum sealed. This could appear like an insignificant detail, but it indicates that the item has been adequately stored.

What is more, this topper fitted the bed perfectly. Additionally, setting up the topper was really easy. In fact, the item is surprisingly lightweight. Therefore, carrying it around is a breeze.

Memory Foam Solutions

Our Rating

If you want to get the best mattress topper for college, this could make a good option.

Moving on to another common concern with most mattress toppers, namely chemical odors. The good part is that this product doesn’t have that unpleasant chemical-like smell. So, if you have sensitive skin and this aspect is a concern for you, you can definitely rest assured.

While there isn’t a toxic, bothersome odor, we still noticed small traces of a sustained odor. Nevertheless, that diminishes in time. So, it shouldn’t be a big issue for most people.

Evidently, one of the primary highlights of this product is that it actually reduces pressure points. We tested this and we can assure you that it will lessen physical pain in the back or in other parts of the body. So, we could say that this is the best-rated memory foam mattress topper.

Now let’s move on to the thickness of the mattress: it is somewhere in the middle, so it;s a decent choice for most people. The 3-inch thickness provides sufficient support while offering a decent level of softness – the ideal balance.

4 Pound Density Visco Elastic Memory Foam Mattress Pad Bed Topper.

On that note, this mattress will definitely sustain the weight of an average consumer.

As you already know, memory foam mattresses are popular since they take the shape of the body. In other words, the moment you get into bed, you’ll feel a whole new dimension of comfort.

Take into account that if you prefer sleeping on your side, you should look for a different topper, whose density is higher than 2 pounds. What is more, if you weigh over 160 lbs., this topper wouldn’t be right for you. In fact, it could wear out quicker than it should.


  • It works great for back sleepers
  • Good price-quality ratio
  • ​Average thickness and density
  • Ideal softness and support combo


  • It isn’t suitable for side or stomach sleepers.
  • The mattress topper doesn’t come with a cover.

Runner-Up: Lucid Mattress Topper

The product arrived in a box, being neatly rolled in an individual bag. We appreciate professional, attentive packaging, as it indicates the manufacturer’s dedication to delivering a product in perfect standing.

While we could still sense a notable odor after unpacking the item, we can assure you that it vanished in less than three days. A downside could be that the manufacturer didn’t send a cover mattress topper.

We consider that investing in a cover could be a good idea. That’s because a cover offers a decent level of protection, keeping the topper clean, free of mold, bed-bugs, so on and so forth.

LUCID 2.5 Inch Foam Mattress Topper

Our Rating

Moving on, the Lucid mattress topper is made of thick gel-infused memory foam. So, if you want to purchase the best gel mattress topper, you’ve found your pick.

The gel has the role of distributing the heat evenly, for optimal comfort. Concurrently, the topper offers a decent level of support, being 2.5-inches thick.

To be frank, our expectations weren’t high, since the thickness level is average. Nevertheless, we were pleasantly surprised. This will take the form of your body, and will definitely help, especially if you prefer sleeping on your back.

Although the level of thickness is medium, it still offers some support. Perhaps this mattress topper would work excellently for back sleepers. Nevertheless, this item isn’t the best mattress topper for hip pain. If that’s what you’re looking for, you should select an item whose thickness is higher.

What is more, handling the product is effortless, in comparison with other products that are significantly heavier.

Lucid Memory Foam Mattress Topper Review

Now, what distinguishes this product from other similar items? The thick gel prevents the mattress from retaining the body heat. I don’t enjoy feeling overly warm during sleep, as it makes me feel uncomfortable.

That wasn’t an issue with this topper. I felt no difference in this respect, which means the gel does a decent job at cooling the topper down.

Additionally, the product is described as being anti-microbial.

Therefore, you don’t need to worry about allergens, mold or bacteria.

To conclude, if you’re on the lookout for the best inexpensive mattress topper, this one could be an excellent pick in terms of quality and value.


  • Outstanding joint support
  • Increased ventilation
  • ​Affordable
  • Anti-microbial


  • It doesn’t include a cover
  • The weird odor can last up to a couple of days

Alternative: Best Price Mattress Memory Foam Mattress Topper

Testing out this mattress topper turned out to be a positive experience. We can assure you that this is a product that definitely stands out and differentiates itself as the best mattress topper.

Distinct from the majority of mattress toppers we’ve tested, we didn’t notice any nasty odor when we unpacked this item. It is needless to say that we were pleasantly surprised.

Also, the almost insignificant odor disappeared in a day or two. We simply allowed it to vent out on its own.

Best Price Mattress 4-Inch Memory Foam Mattress Topper, Queen

Our Rating

Regarding the packaging, it was top-notch. It was an evident sign of the manufacturer’s devotion to delivering a squeaky clean product in perfect condition.

The product is infused with memory foam. That translates into optimal support and comfort. We also liked that the topper can be used on two sides: the dense memory foam or the regular foam, which is recommended for back sleepers, in particular.

This aspect is one of the things that make this item stand out.

Moving on to the construction of the product, the top layer is 1.5-inches thick, consisting of memory foam. Meanwhile, the rest of the topper comprises of 2.5-inch high-density base foam. As for the cover mesh, it is 100 percent polyester.

Considering that the topper isn’t infused with gel, we have to tell you that it is prone to react to the body’s temperature. That will happen as soon as the topper will take the form of the body.

What is more, it takes a while for the topper to cool down. Definitely, that is a disadvantage for some people, especially if you’re like us and you don’t enjoy feeling that overheating sensation.

While this didn’t interrupt my sleep or anything, it is still a bothersome aspect, especially for cool sleepers.

Another disadvantage is that the cover included by the manufacturer isn’t of the best quality out there. It’s definitely thin, and it is prone to lose its original structure when washed.

Best Price Mattress Memory Foam Mattress Topper Review

Even so, considering the price point of this product, we weren’t very bothered by this aspect.

To sum up, the company guarantees that this topper will take the form of the body. That’s 100 percent accurate, we noticed that ourselves and we were delighted. What is more, it will offer pain relief, and enhance the quality of the sleep.


  • Affordable
  • Excellent sizing
  • ​Outstanding support
  • Double-sided: regular foam and memory foam
  • High-quality construction


  • The construction doesn’t contain any gel, which means the topper retains the body’s heat
  • Poor quality cover

Best Latex Mattress Topper

Here's our recommendation for the best latex mattress topper:

Winner:  Sleep-On Latex Pure Green Mattress Topper

The first advantage of selecting a latex mattress topper is its durability. And this one manufactured by Sleep-on Latex is definitely a winning product.

Evidently, the density of a mattress topper is one of the main elements that offer optimal support and comfort. Now, this product is available in various sizes. That means you may simply select the one that suits your current mattress size best.

The 2-inch thickness could make it a good option for most users. However, you may get the same product with a higher thickness index if that’s what you wish.

Sleep On Latex Pure Green 100% Natural Latex Mattress Topper

Our Rating

Moving on to the texture of the product, we could describe it as being soft. Concurrently, it offers a decent level of firmness. It also features a range of holes that ensure decent ventilation. That also makes sure that it will retain its original shape over time.

What about firmness and density? These aspects are definitely worth considering. We could say that the product offers a well-balanced, supporting yet soft surface for the body.

That makes it adequate for any style of sleep and posture. So, this could pass as the best mattress topper for side sleepers, as well. However, you may also get this if you sleep on your stomach or back. That makes it a versatile acquisition.

What is more, this mattress topper genuinely supports the body. Therefore, it does a decent job at alleviating pains and aches. So, if you’re looking for the best mattress topper for back pain, this could be it.

That’s because the topper aids the body in maintaining its natural posture. So, the muscles and joint won’t experience any strain.

Sleep On Latex Queen Size

Latex is an outstanding material as it provides a cool and excellently aerated surface. If you’re a cool sleeper, this one could be your best pick, in comparison with memory foam toppers that tend to retain the body’s heat.

Are there any cons associated with this product? One of them could be that the item has a bothersome odor, which is typical of latex.


  • Well-aerated, cool surface
  • Durability
  • ​Outstanding support
  • ​Suitable for various sleeping postures
  • Hypoallergenic


  • Unpleasant odor

Runner-Up: eLuxurySupply Latex Mattress Topper

This item is undoubtedly a runner-up qualifying as the best mattress topper. It is manufactured by using state-of-the-art latex technology. And the best part about it is that you may choose from two sides: a firm one and plush side.

This way, you may customize the level of firmness or softness you get during your sleep.

The construction of the item features an overflowing number of holes. The role of these holes is to facilitate adequate air ventilation. That deters heat and moisture buildup, maximizing your comfort.

eLuxurySupply 100% Latex Mattress Topper

Our Rating

Truthfully, one of the reasons why many people choose latex over other materials is this one: that latex doesn’t overheat, nor does it retain the body’s temperature.

What is more, motion transfer is minimal. If you have trouble with a partner that keeps tossing over round the clock, this mattress topper could actually help. This item is surprisingly silent.

According to the manufacturer, the latex used in the production of the toppers derives from Southeast Asian, African and South American rubber tree plantations. They indicate that they utilize a patent pending process without including adhesives, seams or fillers.

eLuxurySupply 100% Latex Mattress Topper

We advise you to allow your mattress topper to vent out in fresh air until you use it for the first time. This way, you get rid of that incessant unpleasant odor.

As a drawback, we noticed that the topper leaves traces of foam lint on the bed sheets. While this isn’t that bothersome, it may be a minor inconvenience.


  • Made from natural latex
  • Long-lasting, safe and sturdy
  • ​Two-sided design
  • Minimal transfer motion
  • Excellent ventilation prevents heat retention


  • The topper may leave foam lint on the bed sheets
  • The topper doesn’t come with a cover


All things considered, having the best mattress topper might go a long way in enhancing the quality of your sleep. It can aid you in your fight against insomnia, and it can offer pain relief if you’re struggling with back, hip, or another type of muscular and joint discomfort.

Factor in aspects such as thickness, density, size, material, price, and the other ones included in our guides, and you’ll definitely be on the right path.

As for the recommendations for the best mattress topper mentioned in this article, we tried to include everything you have to know about those items. See you soon!

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